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Product Description


Fit EH Subsequent Machine:
KOMAT SU: WA320, WA380, WA420, WA470, WA600
CAT: 950 962 966 972 980 986 988
SDLG: LG916 LG920 LG933 LG936 LG946 LG952 LG953 LG956 LG968 LG978
SEM: SEM630B SEM636 SEM650B SEM652B SEM657C SEM658C SEM659C  ZL50F SEM660B SEM668C SEM669C
XCM :  ZL30H, ZL15E, ZL30G, ZL40G, ZL50GL,ZL50G  LW168G, LW300F, LW300K,  LW350K,  LW400K, LW500F, LW188,LW300K, LW400K, LW500K, LW800K, LW300F, LW320F, LW321F, LW400F, LW420F, LW500F ,LW520F,LW521F, WZ30-25 LW600K, LW900K, LW1200K, LW820G, WZ30-twenty five, XT740 XT750, QU80, QUY100 QY25K,QY50K,QY50K-I,QY70K-1, KY100, CR-a hundred and eighty, CR-one hundred sixty five
LIUGONG: CLG836, CLG842, CLG856,CLG855, CLG862,CLG877,CLG888,ZL50C ZL50CN, ZL40B, ZL30E
LONGGONG: LG853DN, LG855D LG855B,LG843, LG833B ,LG833 CDM833 CDM853 CDM855 CDM856 CDM860
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.N: ZLM30E-5, ZLM40E, ZLM50E-5, ZL50H, 937H 947H 957H 967H 980 
DEGONG: DG926, DG938, DG953, DG956, DG958, DG965, DG966, DG968, DG980
XGMA: XG953, XG955, XG956, XG958
LOVOL: FL933 FL936 FL953H FL956 FL958 FL966
YINGXUAN: YX620 YX636 YX638 YX653 YX656 YX658 YX667
LOVOL: FL920 FL933 FL936 FL938 FL953 FL955 FL956 FL958 FL966 ZL30  ZL50

Z3G.2.1    Диск колесный
82000402    Гипоидная пара Перед
82000302    Гипоидная пара? Зад
83030500    Редуктор бортовой (в сборе)
72006561/72006560B    Диск тормозной
7570571А-1    Супорт тормозной ZL30 в сборе
5300571/7570571А-4    Манжета
7570571А-3    Манжета
GB1235-76    “Кольцо 75х3,1”
500305/YJ315X    Конвертор ZL30
CB32/500018    Насос трансмиссии
Z3.6.00    КПП в сборе
IS9670    Крестовина ZL30
ZL20-038103    Колодка ручного тормоза ZL30G? ??
Z3.8.9    Палец крепления стрела к раме
Z3.8.4    Палец крепления гц подьема к раме
Z3G.8.8    Палец ГЦ поворота
Z3G.8.10    Палец крепления ГЦ ковша к раме
Z3G.8.5    Палец полурамы нижний ZL30
Z3G.8.4    Палец полурамы верхний ZL30
CB550 /5000031    Насос рулевой гур
FKAR-103015    Распределитель ГУР ZL30
BZZ1-400    Редуктор рулевой
Z3G.9.1A    Гидроцилиндр поворота левый
Z3G.9.2A    Гидроцилиндр поворота правый
Z3G.10.1    Гидроцилиндр ковша
Z3G.10.3/9327993    Гидроцилиндр стрелы левый
Z3G.10.2//9327992    Гидроцилиндр стрелы правый
DF25B2    Гидрораспределитель погрузчика
CBGj2100    Гидравлический насос
9301653    Зуб центральный
557122    Коронки центральные
9328082    Зубья боковые?
557123    Палец коронки
9300154    Болт (v2)
9301802    гайка (v2)
4004091    Болт бокового зуба (v2) (M20X80)
(Z3G.11.5)    Палец
(Z3G.11-1)    Втулка? крепления ковша
(Z3.11.5)    Палец
(Z3.eleven.4)    Палец
(Z3.11-2)    Втулка
(Z3.11.6)    Палец крепления гц подьема к стреле
(YY242A)    Манометр
(SW242A)    Термометр
(YY242C)    Манометр
(RY242A)    Топливомер
(YG2221C2)    Манометр
(WG1371E)    Термометр
(630-37 0571 1/97309699-3)    Стартер
(6105QA-3757110A)    Генератор
(330-1112000)    Форсунка
(630-1306571)    Термостат
(630-135711)    Насос
(6105Q-1307042/630-1307042A)    Ремень генератора
(630-3509000)    Компрессор
K2036    Фильтр воздушный
(100х100 within)    Фильтр трансмиссии
(100х100 outside the house)    Фильтр трансмиссии
(XGHL4-560х10)    Элемент гидр. фильтра?
(XGXL2-800х10)    Элемент гидр. фильтра?
(Z3G.4.3)    Вал карданный промежуточный? ZL30
?(Z3G.4.2)    Вал карданный заднего моста ZL30 (Z3G.4.2)
(Z3G.4.1)    Вал карданный переднего моста ZL30
(22571408-2)    Крестовина малая ZL30
?(Z3.3-eleven)    Фланец насоса ГУР ZL30
Z3G.1-5    Труба выхлопная(глушитель)? Z3G1-5
B7606-1111571-493    ТНВД
9322646    Вал карданный переднего моста ZL50
9324873    Вал карданный заднего моста ZL50
9300528    Конвертер
(Z5G.1.3.5/9327629)    КПП
9326008    Г/цилиндр подъема ковша правый ZL50
9326009    Г/цилиндр подъема ковша левый ZL50
9322835    Г/цилиндр наклона ковша ZL50
?(ZL50E.5.1)    Диск колесный
(75200507) Перед    Гипоидная пара ZL50
(75200507A) Зад    Гипоидная пара ZL50
83228300    Редуктор бортовой (в сборе)
(ZL40A.11.1-18B/9304904)    Зуб центральный ZL50
(Z5G.8.1-2/9329619)    Болт
(Z5G.8.1-1/9321675)    Зуб боковой ZL50
4404093    Болт бокового зуба ZL50
(Z5G.8.7/9321715)    Палец
(Z5G.8-6A/9321673)    Втулка
(Z5G.8.6/9321713)    Палец
(9321669/Z5G.8.2)    Втулка ZL50
(Z5G.8.5/9321711)    Палец
(ZL50E.8.7)    Палец
(Z5G.8-1/9321668)    Втулка
(Z5G.8-3/9321652)    Втулка
(Z5G.6.3)    Палец
?(Z5G.6.21)    Палец
(Z5G.6.4)    Палец
(ZL50E.6.10/9357109)    Палец
?(Z5G.6.thirteen/9322586)    Палец
(5057132/CBGj3100)    Насос гидравлики ZL50
5005712    Гидрораспределитель
9322981    Трубка
9332302    Трубка
(5057171/CBGJ2080)    Насос ГУР ZL50
9332315    Г/цилиндр поворота левый ZL50
9332314    Г/цилиндр поворота правый ZL50
?(ZLF25A1/5005711)    Распределитель

How to explain to if your driveshaft needs replacing

What is the trigger of the unbalanced generate shaft? Unstable U-joint? Your car might make clicking noises while driving. If you can hear it from equally sides, it may possibly be time to hand it over to the mechanic. If you might be not sure, study on to learn much more. Luckily, there are numerous approaches to tell if your driveshaft demands replacing.


An unbalanced driveshaft can be the source of unusual noises and vibrations in your vehicle. To fix this dilemma, you must make contact with a skilled. You can consider a quantity of issues to fix it, like welding and modifying the excess weight. The pursuing are the most common methods. In addition to the techniques over, you can use standardized weights to stability the driveshaft. These standardized weights are attached to the shaft by welders.
An unbalanced drive shaft generally produces lateral vibrations for every revolution. This kind of vibration is typically triggered by a ruined shaft, missing counterweights, or a international item stuck on the push shaft. On the other hand, torsional vibrations occur 2 times for each revolution, and they are brought on by shaft period shifts. Finally, crucial pace vibration occurs when the RPM of the drive shaft exceeds its rated ability. If you suspect a driveshaft dilemma, verify the pursuing:
Manually changing the imbalance of a drive shaft is not the best activity. To keep away from the trouble of manual balancing, you can pick to use standardized weights. These weights are set on the outer circumference of the drive shaft. The operator can manually situation the excess weight on the shaft with particular tools, or use a robotic. Even so, manual balancers have several negatives.


When the angular velocity of the output shaft is not continuous, it is unstable. The angular velocity of the output shaft is .004 at ph = 29.5 and 1.9 at t = 1.9. The angular velocity of the intermediate shaft is not a issue. But when it is unstable, the torque used to it is too significantly for the machine. It may well be a good idea to check the rigidity on the shaft.
An unstable drive shaft can result in a good deal of noise and mechanical vibration. It can direct to untimely shaft tiredness failure. CZPT scientific studies the impact of shaft vibration on the rotor bearing system. They investigated the impact of flex coupling misalignment on the vibration of the rotor bearing system. They presume that the vibrational reaction has two factors: x and y. Nevertheless, this approach has constrained software in numerous conditions.
Experimental benefits show that the presence of cracks in the output shaft may possibly mask the unbalanced excitation qualities. For case in point, the presence of superharmonic peaks on the spectrum is characteristic of cracks. The presence of cracks in the output shaft masks unbalanced excitation traits that can not be detected in the transient reaction of the enter shaft. Determine 8 shows that the frequency of the rotor increases at essential pace and decreases as the shaft passes the normal frequency.


If you happen to be possessing difficulties driving your auto, probabilities are you’ve operate into an unreliable driveshaft. This type of drivetrain can trigger the wheels to adhere or not change at all, and also limit the general handle of the auto. No matter what the purpose, these troubles ought to be settled as before long as feasible. Right here are some signs and symptoms to appear for when diagnosing a driveshaft fault. Let us just take a closer look.
The 1st symptom you may possibly notice is an unreliable drive shaft. You may possibly truly feel vibrations, or listen to noises under the automobile. Based on the lead to, it could be a broken joint or a broken shaft. The excellent news is that driveshaft repairs are generally comparatively economical and take much less time than a complete drivetrain replacement. If you are not certain what to do, CZPT has a manual to replacing the U-connector.
One of the most typical indications of an unreliable driveshaft is clanging and vibration. These sounds can be induced by worn bushings, free U-joints, or broken centre bearings. This can cause serious vibration and sounds. You can also feel these vibrations by means of the steering wheel or the flooring. An unreliable driveshaft is a symptom of a bigger difficulty.

Unreliable U-joints

A automobile with an unreliable U-joint on the travel shaft can be unsafe. A bad u-joint can stop the automobile from driving appropriately and may even lead to you difficulties. Unreliable u-joints are low cost to replace and you should consider getting parts from quality makers. Unreliable U-joints can result in the automobile to vibrate in the chassis or gear lever. This is a confident sign that your vehicle has been neglected in servicing.
Replacing a U-joint is not a challenging task, but it requires unique resources and a great deal of elbow grease. If you never have the proper instruments, or you are unfamiliar with mechanical terminology, it’s very best to seek the help of a mechanic. A skilled mechanic will be ready to precisely evaluate the dilemma and suggest an suitable solution. But if you never feel confident enough, you can replace your personal U-connector by subsequent a number of straightforward actions.
To make sure the vehicle’s driveshaft is not damaged, examine the U-joint for wear and lubrication. If the U-joint is worn, the steel components are probably to rub towards each other, causing put on. The faster a problem is identified, the quicker it can be solved. Also, the longer you hold out, the more you drop on repairs.

ruined push shaft

The driveshaft is the portion of the automobile that connects the wheels. If the driveshaft is broken, the wheels could cease turning and the car may possibly sluggish down or stop shifting totally. It bears the weight of the car itself as well as the load on the road. So even a slight bend or crack in the push shaft can have dire consequences. Even a piece of free metal can grow to be a lethal missile if dropped from a automobile.
If you listen to a screeching sounds or growl from your vehicle when shifting gears, your driveshaft may possibly be damaged. When this takes place, injury to the u-joint and excessive slack in the generate shaft can consequence. These circumstances can further damage the drivetrain, which includes the front 50 %. You must substitute the driveshaft as before long as you discover any signs. Right after replacing the driveshaft, you can start seeking for symptoms of use.
A knocking seem is a indication of harm to the drive shaft. If you hear this audio while driving, it could be due to worn couplings, damaged propshaft bearings, or broken U-joints. In some circumstances, the knocking noise can even be triggered by a destroyed U-joint. When this takes place, you may need to replace the total driveshaft, demanding a new a single.

Upkeep expenses

The cost of repairing a driveshaft may differ widely, relying on the kind and cause of the dilemma. A new driveshaft costs amongst $three hundred and $1,three hundred, including labor. Fixing a broken driveshaft can value anyplace from $two hundred to $three hundred, depending on the time necessary and the variety of parts essential. Symptoms of a destroyed driveshaft include unresponsiveness, vibration, chassis sounds and a stationary auto.
The first thing to contemplate when estimating the price of fixing a driveshaft is the type of motor vehicle you have. Some autos have far more than one particular, and the components used to make them may not be appropriate with other vehicles. Even if the same auto has two driveshafts, the ruined kinds will value more. The good news is, a lot of auto restore outlets supply totally free estimates to repair destroyed driveshafts, but be aware that this sort of work can be difficult and expensive.

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